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About Us

Patience Ogunbona FCCA, CIA

Patience Ogunbona is a Business and Corporate Trainer, Certified Transformational Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Disc Personality Profiling Expert and the Author of a personal development book titled Aspiration to Transformation (10 Simple Steps to Move You From a Place of Discomfort to Your Empowerment Zone).

Patience is the founder of Aspire-Transform-Inspire (ATI-Coaching, Consulting & Training Ltd), a coaching and training company that offers tailored world class resources, services and training to help organisations add value to their staff and ensure strategic alignment to their mission, vision and objectives. Helping them achieve financial and sales goals.

She is also a Chartered Accountant (FFCA) and Chartered Internal Auditor (CIA), who understands how business works, the challenges faced by employees and the strategic leadership skills required to build a successful business.

As a John Maxwell Executive Director, she is certified, trained and equipped to take her clients on a success journey. Patience provides bespoke 1-2-1 coaching and training on mindset and leadership skills, employee inclusion, diversity and engagement and team management. Her training enables organisations to develop a culture of adding value to their staff enabling a shift in mindset to help employees thrive and deliver peak performance and results. A win-win all round.

Patience is passionate about transformational change through coaching and training techniques, helping aspiring and new entrepreneurs DISCOVER purpose and potential, DEVELOP it to high performance levels, DELIVER excellence and DESIGN an aligned business and fulfilled life.

Having developed programmes and systems that empowers entrepreneur to take action, she provides support to help them design a business that is aligned to their core values and definition of success.

Her Aligned Business Blueprint (ABB) Coaching Programme is designed to help new coaches , consultant or service-based provider, turn their passion and talent into a thriving business, Patience passion and unique talent is the ability to intuitive guide clients as a strategic thinker and accountability partner, providing them with the right environment and tools to achieve their goals

As a catalyst and enabler for change and growth, her Visionary Women Empowerment Mastermind (VWEM) provides opportunities to engage with likeminded people and discover how to leverage talents and gifts to create the life you desire.

Patience is an Inspiration Keynote Speaker, who inspires and challenges you to overcome adversity, quit making excuses and live your best life here and now.

Her motto is: “Impossible is an opinion, feel free to disagree and carve your own path and journey to success”.

She looks forward to being part of your transformational journey and success.


To Enable Transformation through Awareness and Action.


Our Mission is to Inspire change and Transformation which leads to success and the fulfilment of purpose and aspirations, be it personal, professional or business.

The three Key elements of this mission are:


Can be: A desire, hope, longing, wish or ambition of achieving something.

The action or process of drawing breath, breathing life into your dreams, the pursuit of passion.

  1. To become someone successful, significant and influential.
  2. To go somewhere full of adventure, vitality of life and experiences.
  3. To achieve an objective be it professional, personal or corporately.
  4. To obtain something of value and significance.
  5. To learn something new, a hobby, personal discipline, skill, and
  6. To create something unique, innovation, change, improvement and transformation.


Can be:

  • A marked change in form, nature, appearance, or process.
  • A revolution and conversion.
  • Executing a well-defined shift in the way things work through change management.
  • A shift in the business culture of an organisation resulting from a change in the underlying strategy and processes that the organisation has used in the past.
  • A process that is enacted over a period of time, and
  • An internal fundamental and permanent change in beliefs of why you perform certain actions, achieved through clarity, awareness and action.


Can be:

  • The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
  • The act of inspiring; quality or state of being inspired.
  • Stimulus, incitement.


Patience Ogunbona

The services we offer help to:

  1. Improve Team Performance and related bottom line result.

  2. Improve teamwork and collaboration.

  3. Reveal root cause of problems and why risk have materialise.

  4. Provide recommendations for managing risk.

  5. Provide Leadership training for aspiring leader.

  6. Provide leadership through difficult situation and resolution of conflict.

  7. Improving listening and communication skill.

  8. Provide coaching training to your managers to help them develop their teams.